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2011-2016 China’s pesticide export worries coexist

All along, pesticide exports accounted for half of China’s pesticide production, and the proportion of the past two years has declined, weak import and export situation. 2016 years of China’s pesticide imports and exports double down. Among them, the number of export products was 1.725 million tons, down 17%, the export value of 5.616 billion US dollars, down 22.89%; imports of 31,900 tons, down 32%, imports of 428 million US dollars, down 37%.

From 2011-2016 China’s pesticide export product structure, showing the proportion of the original drug exports decline, the proportion of the proportion of export agents increased. The original drug has been occupied by the main position of China’s pesticide exports in recent years, the number of exports decreased year by year. 2016 exports and the proportion of the amount of decline in 2011 than about 10 and 6 percentage points. Preparations in China’s share of pesticide exports in the proportion of rising export volume growth rate, the steady increase in the amount of exports. Pesticide formulations from 754,800 tons in 2011, 2.28 billion US dollars in 2016 to 879,300 tons, 2.406 billion US dollars, respectively, about 10% and 6% increase.

From China’s export of pesticide varieties, 2016 China’s exports of pesticides in the original drug products, herbicides still account for a large proportion of the top ten varieties of export for the glyphosate, paraquat, imidacloprid, chlorothalonil, atrazine , Chlorpyrifos, methotrexate, oxalcone, carbendazim and methamphetamine, total exports of 2.209 billion US dollars, accounting for 27.6% of the total. Zhang Wenjun said that at present, in the export of more than 180 countries, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Africa is the main purpose of China’s pesticide exports, the three together accounted for China’s total exports of pesticides nearly 65%.

China’s original drug prices experienced a low tide of 2015-2016, from the second half of 2016 so far, up a sound, then the original drug products, the next price trend? Will it keep the momentum now? And listen to Zhongnong Lihua Biotechnology Co., Ltd. original drug division Mr. Hu Yijun detailed analysis.

The original drug price trend: consolidation in the rise

14 years to 15 years, the overall drug and intermediates showed more or less trend. 15 years to 16 years, the overall trend of the original drug, rising and holding varieties accounted for 70%. Although the original drug and intermediate market rebounded sharply in the second half of 2016. But compared to 2014, the price level is only flat only.

Analysis of the original drug market price fluctuations in recent years the main reason can be attributed to the following three points. First, oversupply and slowdown in demand, leading to the market downturn. Too large is the production capacity led to market bids, prices continue to fall, resulting in 14 to 15 years of stagnant market structure. Second, the market to the production capacity of initial results, the end of the inventory to the end. In the first half of 2016, the state for environmental safety and production supervision continued to strengthen. Market prices also led to the decline in the operating rate of manufacturers gradually reduced. The market to digest the inventory-based, part of the backward production capacity was eliminated. Into the traditional concentrated light storage season, the growth of demand has not been with the supply. So led to the stage rally. Third, the commodity bull market boosted the drug market rose. These rally is a variety of rising costs, environmental governance, monetary policy, exchange rate fluctuations, macro-control and even industry monopoly led to passive rise. Basic raw material prices led to a rebound in the intermediate market, and ultimately conduction to the terminal medication.

Mr. Hu Yijun that the trend of the original drug market, it can be said to the production capacity, to the end of the inventory is the appearance of the continuation of the cut-off production and doubled the sewage charges, the chemical industry in the necessary raw materials began to skyrocket. And from the beginning of 2012, a serious overcapacity, leading to market price mechanism began to distort, during this period, China’s pesticide drug market has experienced a four-year long decline, but also in labor, land, logistics and other factors of production costs The case of a large slopes. Today, with the rapid rise in raw material prices, up to four years of low prices of life has become cloudy, excluding short-term volatility consolidation, the trend, the future will be painful period of debt.

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