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Acetamiprid 20% SP
CAS#: 135410-20-7
Chinese name: 20%啶蟲脒可溶粉劑


Acetamiprid 20% SP is a chlorinated nicotine insecticide with a broad spectrum, high activity, low dosage, long-lasting and other characteristics, mainly to touch and stomach toxicity, and has excellent endogenous activity.
Its insecticidal mechanism mainly acts on the posterior membrane of the insect nerve junction, which makes the insect extremely excited, spasmodically and paralyzes by binding with acetyl receptor. So it also has a good control effect on organophosphorus pests, carbamate pests and pyrethroids resistant pests, especially on Hemiptera pests.
The efficacy and temperature of acetamiprid were positively correlated. The higher the temperature, the better the insecticidal effect.


Suitable crops and control pests:
Acetamiprid 20% SP is suitable for many plants such as grain, cotton, oil, sugar, fruits, vegetables, legumes, tobacco, tea, flowers and so on. It is mainly used to prevent and control insect pests. Some pests of Lepidoptera, Coleoptera and tassel are also effective.

Acetamiprid 20% SP



?Appearance ?Blue powder
?Content ?20%
?pH ?4.5-6.5
?Heat storage ?Pass
?Cold storage ?Pass


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