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Product name: Acetamiprid

Formulations: 3%EC; 20%SP



Package: 25kg per drum; 250g x 40 bag;

Use: Acetamiprid is one important insecticide in Pesticide industry.

Acetamiprid TCAcetamiprid 3% EC

Acetamidine is a chlorinated nicotine compound. It is mainly used to kill all kinds of insects in rice fields. Especially under high temperature conditions, the insecticidal effect is more obvious. Therefore, in tropical countries such as Southeast Asia, India, and Pakistan, acetamiprid is very popular among local farmers. It provides an important guarantee for the harvest of local rice and other crops. In Thailand, the emulsified formula of acetamiprid 3% EC is popular among farmers, while in Pakistan,India and Iran, acetamiprid 20% SP? are more popular. China is the main manufacturer and supplier of acetamiprid tech and its intermediate CCMP (2-chloro-5-chloromethyl pyridine).

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