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Product name: alpha-D-Methylglucoside?
Other names: 1-(2′,3′-Hydroxynaphthoylamino)-2-methylbenzene;2-Naphtho-o-toluidide, 3-hydroxy-;3-hydroxy-n-(2-methylphenyl)-2-naphthalenecarboxamid;Acco Naf-Sol AS-D;Acco Naphthol AS-D;Acna Naphthol E;AcnaNaphtholE;Amanil Naphthol AS-D
CAS: 135-61-5
MW: 277.32
MF: C18H15NO2

Descritions of alpha-D-Methylglucoside??:


Biochemical Research. Or a non-reducing glucose derivative, a unique ring structure of the four hydroxyl polyol, has excellent chemical properties, widely used in rigid polyurethane foam, melamine and phenolic resin, fabric finishing, adhesives , Cosmetics, coatings, surfactants and other industries. Is a non-ionic surfactant, plasticizer. Polyether, polyester polyol in the copolymerization of agents and resin regulator.

Specifications of p-Terphenyl:

Appearance Colorless transparent liquid
Content 99%

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