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Product Name:?Antioxidant DNP
Chemical Name:?N,N’-Di-2-naphthyl-p-phenylenediamine
CAS No:?93-46-9
MW: 360.45
: Rubber additive

Descriptions of?Antioxidant DNP:

Light gray powder, soluble in hot aniline, benzene, ethanol, acetone, chloroform, carbon disulfide, ethyl acetate, do not dissolve in water.

Melting point: 225-229 ° C
Boiling Point: 232-134 ° C (dec.)
Density: 1.25
Water solubility: <0.1 g / 100 mL at 19 ° C


Antioxidant DNP is one of the important low toxicity antioxidants for rubber and plastic processing.

Anti-aging, anti-copper, manganese and other harmful metal properties of antioxidant DNP is widely used in copper, manganese and other harmful metal inhibition and heat resistance, anti-aging, anti-aging, Aging of antioxidants on thiazole accelerator has a significant activation. Applicable to cable, rubber and other industrial rubber products and brown or dark latex products. It is a general-purpose antioxidant for natural rubber and synthetic rubber, mainly used as antioxidant in rubber, latex and plastic. Anti-aging agent DNP is both a chain-breaking inhibitor, but also a metal complexing agent, excellent heat aging, resistance to natural aging and anti-copper, manganese and other harmful metal role. In styrene-butadiene rubber in the anti-ultraviolet function.

Storage: Storage should be cool and ventilated, away from heat, fire, to prevent sun exposure, heat is strictly prohibited.
Package:?25kg PP bag for solid powder. 200L or 250KG Drum for Liquid.

Specifications of Antioxidant DNP:

Appearance Gray violet white powder
Content ≥98%
Moisture ≤0.1%
Insoluble ≤0.1%
Melting point ≥≥255℃
Package 25kg or 600kg bag

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