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Carbosulfan 25% EC

Carbosulfan? Label:

Carbosufan is a low toxic derivative of pesticides. It is an insecticide and acaricide with high efficiency, safety and convenience. It is one of the ideal alternative varieties of the highly toxic pesticide Carbofuran.

It has strong lethality, quick effect, and gastric toxicity and contact toxicity. It is characterized by fat solubility, good absorption, strong penetration, rapid action, low residue, long residual effect, safe use and so on. It is effective to adults and larvae, and harmless to crops. It can control many kinds of cash crop pests such as citrus and vegetables, corn, cotton, rice, sugarcane and so on. It has excellent control effect on aphids. For example: citrus rust wallfish, aphids, leafminers, scale insects, cotton aphids, cotton bollworms, cotton leaf hoppers, fruit tree aphids, vegetable aphids, thrips, sugarcane borers, corn aphids, stingrays, tea tree aphids, green leafhoppers, rice thrips, borers, leafhoppers, wheat aphids, etc.

Carbosulfan? Toxicity:

It is a medium toxic insecticide and acaric agent. The acute oral LD50 of the rats was 209 mg / kg, and the acute oral LD50 of the rats was 115 mg / kg.

Carbosulfan MSDS:



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