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Synonyms: 1,2-Benzisothiazolin-3-one
CAS No. 2634-33-5
Molecular Formula: C7H5NOS
Molecular Weight: 151.1857
Structure BIT 2634-33-5
Package 25kg /bag

Performance characteristics:
1. It has high efficiency and broad-spectrum. It can effectively kill many kinds of bacteria, fungi, fungi, yeasts, anaerobes, pseudomonas, legionella, hydrogen sulfide-producing bacteria, rust fungi, bacillus and other fungi. It can kill plankton and algae. It has broad-spectrum and long-term bactericidal and mildew-proof effects, and does not produce resistance. The use concentration of 0.1% can achieve good bacteriostasis effect.
2. It has good compatibility with various emulsifiers, surfactants and other ingredients. It can dissolve in any proportion of alcohol and water, and is stable to amine compounds.
3. The applicable range of pH is wider than that of similar products, and pH: 2-14 can be used.
4. Strong stability: Stored at -2 ℃ ~50 ℃ for one year, the active ingredients are stable at 150℃ .
5. No formaldehyde, low odor, no VOC, low toxicity, no heavy metals and halogen compounds

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