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Dye industry to enhance all aspects

After years of development, China’s dye industry has completed a leap from quantity to quality, in terms of quality, grade and industrial technology level has been greatly improved, the development of getting better, the future prospects worth expecting..

When the global dye production focus on China, China’s dye industry will usher in by leaps and bounds, thus laying the status of the world’s largest dyes, and in the global market plays an important role.

Dye is a material that makes fibers and other materials colored, and is used in a wide range of applications such as paints, plastics, leather, and food. A wide range of dye products, different standards of product classification is very different.

Classification, can be divided into natural dyes, animal dyes, synthetic dyes, etc .; according to the classification, can be divided into ceramic dyes, paint dyes, textile dyes, etc .; by source classification, can be divided into natural dyes, animal dyes, synthetic dyes and so on; According to the nature and use of classification, can be divided into reactive dyes, sulfur dyes, disperse dyes, acid dyes and so on.

According to the “China’s dye industry production and demand forecast and investment forecast analysis report” released by the prospective industry research institute, in 2015, the three kinds of domestic varieties of the largest dye production, namely disperse dyes, reactive dyes, sulfur dyes, accounting for 48.29% 28.08%, 7.37%.

Dye varieties and full output, the side reflects the vitality of China’s dye industry and strength. According to the above data show that in 2015, China’s dye industry sales revenue reached 83.047 billion yuan; expected by 2021, the dye industry sales revenue will reach 124.6 billion yuan, the average annual growth rate of 6% to 8%.

Not only the scale of industry continued to grow, industrial concentration has also increased significantly, the scale of the leading enterprises obvious effect. As of 2015, the annual output value of more than 500 million yuan the number of enterprises reached 21, sales of more than 300 million yuan the number of enterprises nearly 30.

Dye industry can achieve the above impressive results, on the one hand is due to earlier and faster to adapt to the new economic normal, to speed up the elimination of backward production capacity and structural adjustment, embarked on a green development of the transformation of the road, forming a high R & D investment, high Environmental protection investment, high profit margins, high value-added industry new atmosphere.

On the other hand, the dye industry technology upgrade unprecedented enthusiasm unprecedented, many times broke through the key common technology. It is understood that in the past few years, the dye companies attach great importance to cleaner production, recycling and production process of continuous, automated technology for the dye industry to push a new stage to make an important contribution.

Dye industry in the domestic development momentum is excellent, in the overseas market the same impressive. Which marks the Chinese dye business on the world stage, is the 2012 Longsheng Group to complete the world’s largest dye company Germany De Sida company’s acquisition.

In summary, China’s dye industry in all aspects to be improved, the development prospects continue to improve.

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