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Chloranil basic information:

CAS# 118-75-2
MW: 245.88

Chloranil Introduction:

Chloranil(Tetrachlorobenzoquinone) is an important intermediate of dyes, medicines, pesticides and polymers.?Golden flake crystal, non-toxic, sublimation phenomenon, good storage stability, slightly soluble in hot ethanol, insoluble in water, gasoline, benzene, stable in acidic medium, alkaline medium will decompose. It can be used as seed dressing agent for agricultural crops, as well as additives for rubber and lubricants. It is also a good dehydrogenation agent, which is mainly used for dehydrogenation reaction in steroid drug synthesis.

Chloranil Use:

1. Synthetic pigments. The pigment used for making high temperature ink paint, such as permanent violet.
2. Synthetic dyes. It is used to produce direct dyes, such as sun-resistant blue, sun-resistant purple and VAT dyes, such as reduced brown serge black, sulfur dyes, sulfur blue, sulfur red brown, etc.
3. Pharmaceutical: It is used to manufacture anti-malignant drugs, iminoquinones, anti-cancer dispersions, and estradiol.
4. Rubber additives: Used as non-vulcanizing agent (cross-linking agent) for butyl synthetic rubber, mainly for the manufacture of butyl rubber inner tube, outer tube, vulcanized capsules, heat-resistant products, insulating wires, etc. As natural rubber, Ding Qingjiao and chloroprene rubber vulcanizing agent.
5. Other: It can also be used as seed dressing agent for agriculture, vegetable, bean anti-quenching agent, bactericide, resin polymerization catalyst, advanced intermediate photosensitizer, chromogenic agent, lubricant additive, electrode.
Material thermal printing and temperature recording.

Chloranil Specifications:

?Appearance ?Yellow crystalline
?Content ?99.0%
?Melting point ?296.5℃
?Water ?0.5%

Package: 25kg per drum or bag

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