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Chlorothalonil 72% SC
Chinese name: 72%百菌清懸浮劑


Chlorothalonil 72% SC Label:

Chlorothalonil 72% SC belongs to the broad-spectrum protective Fungicide of organochlorine, and has no internal absorption.
After spraying onto the plant surface, the adhesive property is good and is not easy to be washed by rainwater. The duration of the drug is long.
Chlortetracycline is mainly used to protect the plant from infection by pathogens, but it is almost invalid to the pathogens that have already invaded the plant.

Chlorothalonil 72% SC is a broad-spectrum fungicide which can be widely used in the control of many fungal diseases in many plants. At present, it is mainly used to control downy mildew, powdery mildew, anthracnose, leaf spot, gray mold, sclerotinia, black spot, rust of onion and garlic vegetables, leaf spot and downy mildew of melon.

Chlorothalonil 72% SC

Chlorothalonil 72% SC FAO Specifications:

?Appearance ?White flow liquid ?White flow liquid
?Content ?72% ?720 g/L
?Hexachlorobenzene ?0.004%*72% ??0.004%*72%
?Decachlorobiphenyl ?0.003%*72% ??0.003%*72%
?Pourability ?6% max ?5%
?Spontaneity of dispersion ?80% ?83%
?Suspensibility ?80% ?83%

Wet sieve test: 0.5% through 75μm
Persistent foam: max 60ml in 1 minute

Content: ± 5% of the declared content

Package: 1L per bottle; 12 bottles per carton.


Chlorothalonil 72% SC MSDS




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