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Clethodim 24% EC

China Clethodim

Clethodim 24% EC is a herbicide for stems and leaves. It is a highly effective, safe and highly selective ACCase inhibitor. It is effective for most annual and perennial grass weeds and is safe for dicotyledonous crops. China is the most important producer and supplier of?Clethodim TC and 24% EC.


It is a low toxicity herbicide. Acute oral LD501360-1630 mg/kg (male) and 2430 mg/kg (female) in rats. Rabbit acute percutaneous LD50>5000 mg / kg. Slightly irritating to eyes and skin. Rainbow trout LC50 (96 hours) 67 mg / liter. Not poisonous to bees.


24% EC. 12% EC.


It is a selective herbicide. Internally occluded, highly selective stem and leaf treatment. It can prevent annual and perennial grass weeds. It is safe for dicotyledons, inhibits fatty acid synthesis in plants, and delays plant growth. Plant chlorotic necrosis 1-3 weeks after application.

Scope of application:

Suitable for most dicotyledonous crops, such as cotton, peanuts, soybeans, tobacco, rapeseed and orchards, to control annual grass weeds.


Annual weed 3-5 leaf stage, perennial weeds are applied after tillering. Use 408-600 ml of 24% emulsifiable concentrate per hectare, 300 L of water, spray the stems and leaves. Other prevention periods or large weeds or control of perennial weeds should be appropriately increased.

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