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Product Name:?Direct Blue 86
Chemical Name: Direct Turquoise Blue GL
Synonyms: ?
(dihydrogenphthalocyaninedisulfonato(2-))-coppedisodiumsalt; [29h,31h-phthalocyanine-c,c-disulfonato(4-)-n29,n39,n31,n32]-cuprate(2-dis;abcolturquoiseblue; Acid blue 86;?Direct Turquoise Blue GL
CAS No:?1330-38-7
Direct dyes


Dark blue powder. Water-soluble, and its aqueous solution was lake blue. In concentrated sulfuric acid was yellow light green, diluted green and blue, and blue-green precipitate generated; concentrated nitric acid in only part of the dissolved yellowish green; insoluble in concentrated alkali; dissolved in concentrated ammonia was lake blue color. Slightly sensitive to hard water.


Mainly used for cotton, viscose fiber dyeing, but also for silk, leather, pulp coloring.

Transparent blue 2B is mainly used for a variety of oil coloring. Can also be used for all types of plastic, resin coloring.

Storage: Storage should be cool and ventilated, away from heat, fire, to prevent sun exposure, heat is strictly prohibited.
Package:?25kg PP bag for solid powder. 200L or 250KG Drum for Liquid.


Appearance Dark blue powder
Content 100%
Moisture ≤0.1%
Insoluble ≤0.1%
Melting point /

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