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Disperse dyes or continue to raise prices after the Spring Festival

Disperse dyes are a class of non-ionic dyes with less water solubility. Not long ago, Ningxia Zhongwei Industrial Park was exposed to high concentrations of industrial wastewater situation, and alkali-resistant disperse dyes intermediates production enterprise – Ningxia Ming Sheng new plant is located in the industrial park.

Although the local media in Ningxia subsequently issued a document, Zhongwei will strictly rectify the illegal sewage enterprises, Zhongwei Industrial Park, the evaporation of waste water will be completed in June before processing, but the industry is expected that the problem is still difficult to solve in the short term, Ningxia Ming Shengxin Plant production is still difficult, reducing the supply of tight supply trend unchanged. In recent years, environmental pressures increased, the cost of raw materials increased, printing and dyeing enterprises profit has narrowed, some small businesses and even because of environmental pressure and collapse. Ningxia Ming Sheng new plant can flow up to a certain extent, have to be determined by the market situation.

“From the situation in the past year, the downstream dyeing factory business is better than previously expected, which is particularly good demand for reactive dyes, so the initial expected before and after the Lantern Festival dye prices will be fully raised.” From the dye business insiders said. A dye dealer affirmed the above statement, he also said that when the disperse dyes may be 5 to 55,000 yuan / ton price continues to rise 5,000 yuan / ton.

The information from the dyeing factory to understand the information shows that after the Spring Festival this year, dyeing factory started to be later than last year, the industry is still a slight depression, the reason, this or environmental pressure and many other factors are related.

“Although the business started late, but can not say that the market is not good, because from the current order situation, the downstream demand remained stable, and no ups and downs.” Zhejiang Province, a printing and dyeing industry association, said a related personage.

According to several industry insiders said that due to tight supply, the price of reactive dyes after the Spring Festival is basically a foregone conclusion, while the supply of heavy intermediates in the supply of stress under the pressure of alkali-resistant disperse dyes continue to increase the possibility of price is relatively large.

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