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Fipronil 80% WDG

Fipronil 80% WDG

In recent years, Fipronil 80% WDG has also been widely used as a sanitary insecticide.Mainly used to prevent killing pests, ants and other harmful organisms.


Fipronil 80% WDG has a broad spectrum of insecticides, with contact, stomach toxicity and moderate systemic action.It can not only control underground pests, but also control pests on the ground. It can be used for stem and leaf treatment, soil treatment, and seed treatment.

Pests such as Hemiptera, Thysanoptera, Coleoptera, Lepidoptera, and pests that have developed resistance to pyrethroids and carbamate insecticides also show extremely high sensitivity. It can be used in rice, cotton, vegetables, soybeans, rapeseed, tobacco, potato, tea, sorghum, corn, fruit trees, forests, public health, animal husbandry, etc., control rice locusts, brown planthopper, rice weevil, cotton bollworm, armyworm, Plutella xylostella, Pieris rapae, Cabbage worm, beetle, cutworm, bulbous nematode, caterpillar, fruit tree mosquito, wheat long tube mites, coccidia, trichomonas, etc. The recommended dosage is 12.5 ~ 150g / hm2. China has approved Fipronil 80% WDG for field efficacy trials on rice and vegetables.


Fipronil 80% WDG FAO Specifications:

?Content ?NLT 80%
?Water ?Maximum: 20 g/kg.
?Wettability ?1 min without swirling
?Wet sieve test ?0.5 % on?75 μm test sieve
?Dispersion ?85% in 1 min
?Suspensibility ?70%
?Persistent foam ?50ml
?Dustiness ?free
?Flowability ?99% on 5mm sieve
?Attrition resistance ?96%
?Heat storage ?Comply
?Cold storage ?Comply

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