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Glycolic acid

Other name: alpha-Hydroxyacetic acid;glycolic

CAS number: 79-14-1

Molecular formula:C2H4O3

Molecular weight: 76.05




Use:Organic synthesis of raw materials, can be used for the production of ethylene glycol.

Hydroxy acetic acid is mainly used as cleaning agent. 2% glycolic acid and 1% formic acid

 mixed acid is a kind of high efficiency and low cost of detergent, suitable for cleaning air

conditioner; preparing fiber dyeing agent, detergent, welding agent ingredients, varnish

ingredients, copper inhibitor, adhesives, oil demulsifier and metal chelating agent; hydroxy

acetic acid the sodium salt, potassium salt as additive electroplating solution. Other uses

include electrolytic grinding, metal pickling, leather dyeing and tanning agent. Can also

be used as a chemical analysis reagent.

Specifications:  70%(liquid) ; 99%(solid)

Package: 200L drum

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