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Common name: Lambda cyhalothrin 10% WP
Chinese name: 高效氯氟氰菊酯; 功夫菊酯
Category: Agrochemicals


Lambda cyhalothrin 10% WP is the latest generation of pyrethroid insecticide. Compared with the second generation of pyrethroid pesticides, it has the characteristics of killing pests quickly.


Lambda cyhalothrin 10% WP is an efficient, broad-spectrum, quick-acting pyrethroid insecticide, which has strong contact and stomach toxicity to pests, and has a certain repellent effect. No internal absorption. It has strong resistance to rainwater erosion. Its insecticidal mechanism is acting on the nervous system of insects, making insects excessively excited, paralyzed and died.


Compared with other pyrethroid insecticides, this insecticide has a wider insecticidal spectrum, higher insecticidal activity, faster efficacy, strong penetration, and stronger resistance to rain erosion. Lambda Cyhalothrin has the advantages of less dosage, rapid efficacy, strong knockdown, slow pest resistance, low residue, safe use and so on.

Lambda cyhalothrin 10% WP


?Appearance ?Off-white powder
?a.i content ?10%
?pH ?5-8
?Heat storage ?qualified
?Cold storage ?qualified


Packgae: 10kg per carton. ?25kg per kg.


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