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Methomyl 90% SP
Chinese name: 90%滅多威可溶性粉劑

Methomyl 90% SP Introduction:

Methomyl 90% SP is endogenous carbamate insecticides, with contact and stomach toxicity, no endogenous, fumigation effect. It can kill eggs and larvae, and has good control effect on pests resistant to organophosphorus or pyrethroid. Its insecticidal mechanism is to inhibit the activity of acetylcholinesterase in insects, causing them to appear alarm, hyperexcitement, paralysis and tremor and unable to eat, eventually leading to death. Methomyl 90% SP has fast knockdown speed, strong penetration, insecticidal, ovicidal effect, fast decomposition, short duration, and short safety interval.

Suitable crops and control pests:

Methomyl 90% SP can be widely used in cotton, vegetables, tobacco, wheat, citrus, peach, grape and other plants. It is used to control aphids, leaf beetles, jumping beetles, cotton bollworms, tobacco larvae, Spodoptera litura, beet armyworm, leaf flies, blind bugs, leaf rollers, leafhoppers, thrips, planthoppers and other pests.

Methomyl 90% SP

Methomyl 90% SP FAO Specifications:

?Appearance ?White powder
?Content ?90%
?pH ?4.0-8.0
Wettability ?1 minute
?Heat storage ?Qualified
?Cold storage ?Qualified


Package: 1kg per bag.

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