Oligopolistic competition is obvious in China Dyes Industry

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Oligopolistic competition is obvious in China Dyes Industry

On February 5, the price of disperse dyes rose. Scattered black ECT300% mainstream ex-factory price rose to 26 yuan / kg, compared with last month offer 23 yuan / kg up 3 yuan / kg, or 13%. Recently, we have carried out research on the dye production enterprises, and dye industry experts to communicate , Get the feedback well.

Printing and dyeing industry demand season, the bottom of the enterprise library. From the demand side, the printing and dyeing industry gradually into the demand season, especially in March – April, product sales will be the most exuberant. After the Spring Festival downstream enterprises to enter the inventory cycle, dyestuff production enterprises and printing and dyeing enterprises are low in raw material stocks, dye prices will be strong, traders appropriate stocking before the holiday, actively bullish market outlook.

Environmental management strict, forced to eliminate backward production capacity out of clear. In 2016 the country’s total dye production capacity of 1.33 million tons, an increase of 5.6%, mainly from the 2013-2015 plans to expand the project, and basically no new capacity in 2017, the expansion of the basic stop. Dye wastewater generated a larger amount of part of the enterprise discharge is not compliance, environmental requirements will become increasingly strict, forcing some of the device shutdown, production capacity to clear out.

Raw material prices, pushing up the cost. Environmental tightening, dyestuff raw materials supply manufacturers limited production. Disperse dyes upstream supply of raw materials, the price trend is obvious. Disperse dyes important raw materials between the raw materials of phenyl diamine from 7160 yuan / ton rose to the current 8846 yuan / ton, or 23.5%. Reactive dye upstream H acid market price from the beginning of the 29,000 yuan / ton up to The current 33,000 yuan / ton. Overall, the price of raw materials, dyes, cost-driven, there is price hikes power.

Dye industry oligopoly competition pattern is obvious. China’s dye industry concentration is high, the production enterprises are mainly concentrated in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other provinces. The first three companies for the Zhejiang Longsheng, Runtu shares, Hangzhou Jihua, total production accounted for 56% .2016 end of the year, Longsheng announcement, since January 1, 2017, ceased to grant Hangzhou Shenhang Chemical, Shaoxing Lingshi materials, Shaoxing Zhihua dyes, Shaoxing Chun Chen Chemical, Hangzhou Runwo Chemical and other five companies on the use of Longsheng ZL99104177.1 patent, mainly related to scattered black, scattered dark blue and other dye products, leading to strengthen the industrial control The Reactive dyes The top three enterprises for the Jiangsu Jinji, Hubei gorgeous, Zhejiang Longsheng, total production accounted for 43%.

Grasp the dye prices brought about by the stage of investment opportunities. The downstream printing and dyeing industry gradually into the season; dyes enterprise inventory is not high, raw material prices, cost support; environmental protection trend, part of the dye business shutdown or exit. We are optimistic about the peak season prices. Suggestions focus on: Runtu shares, Zhejiang Longsheng, Ano its, Yabang shares, the price of each rose up to 1,000 yuan / ton, the five companies were EPS 0.14 yuan, 0.04 yuan, 0.07 yuan, 0.03 yuan The

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