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Pesticide prices have become an inevitable trend in 2017

The largest increase is glyphosate, as well as nicotine insecticides and some fungicides. There are glufosinate, the mainstream price of powder last year, 46,000 yuan / ton, many farmers believe that with the increase in production enterprises, prices are bound to fall sharply, after all, there is a decline in the price of glufosinate, including production enterprises People also revealed that the price of glufosinate in 2017 will be a significant decline.

So, at the end of 2016 and not how many people winter grass glufosinate, and so after the Spring Festival only to find that the price is not only did not decline, and some manufacturers also threatened to continue to raise prices, engage in what, farmers are almost beaten by their waist The

According to the domestic environment and foreign trade situation, many people predicted that the 2017 agricultural rose is still not corpuscles, at least the first half can not be alleviated.

First, environmental pressure

In the past few years, every winter, many cities are shrouded in a smoke, just like the wonderland, but these fumes are harmful substances, this is a rapid development of the times, no matter what the mice are caught by the cat, The consequences.

Such as the environment, the original part of the people forbearance, can not bear to have to endure, and now most people are intolerable, change it, close part of the low capacity of the business it, so we see the packaging manufacturers a hard to find a phenomenon, Some well-known large enterprises secretly to the river river sewage poisonous water phenomenon, the phenomenon of agricultural products rose sharply.

A large chemical companies related to the person in charge said that our domestic pesticide production enterprises, most of them are low-capacity, waste water treatment facilities, many companies simply can not afford, so they would rather shut down, do not want to engage in environmental protection facilities.

Second, foreign trade orders increased

Two days ago, and a well-known domestic glyphosate production enterprises to explore whether the possibility of price reduction of glyphosate, he categorically said that this is impossible, at least in the first half can not fall, because the foreign trade orders have been discharged to In May, there are foreign trade orders in hand, it is equivalent to a lot of money earned hand, unless the boss brain water, or will not put foreign trade orders do not do, so as to the domestic market price cuts.

Third, labor costs pull up

Before the workers are so numerous, and now it is hard to find workers, especially pesticide companies, the unique smell of children and uncomfortable environment, really people can not afford to go there to work, is the so-called rewards must have the courage to raise wages The most effective means of attracting workers.

Ten years ago in the pesticide factory in front of the hotel guests, a meal will be about two hundred dollars, and now it is about two thousand dollars. There are business people, before a meal of five dollars of noodles is enough, and now eat noodles have to be with the two dishes, or are embarrassed into the hotel.

In short, agricultural prices is inevitable, the reasons are well justified, but the agricultural resources for the crop services, crops worthless, agriculture is really necessary to rise?

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