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Product Name:?Pigment Red 254
Chemical Name:?3,6-bis(4-chlorophenyl)-2,5-dihydro-pyrrolo[3,4-C]-1,4-dione
:?PIGMENT RED 254;?3,6-bis(4-chlorophenyl)-2,5-dihydro-pyrrolo[3,4-C]-1,4-dione; 3,6-bis(4-chlorophenyl)-2,5-dihydro-Pyrrolo[3,4-c]pyrrole-1,4-dione;?C.I.Pigmentred254;CROMOPHTAL DPP RED BPN;C.I. 56110;3,6-BIS(4-CHLOROPHENYL)-2,5-DIHYDROPYRROLO[3,4-C]PYRROLE-1,4-DIONE;?Pigment red 254 (C.I. 56110)
CAS No:?84632-65-5
MW: 357.19
: Pigments

Descriptions of?Pigment Red 254:

Bright color, strong coloring, excellent light fastness, acid, alkali, no migration.


Mainly used in automotive primer, the flocculation can be improved by adding additives to reduce the cost can be more with the blue light, but the low light CI pigment red 170 fight color, but also with quinacridone color, (PVC, PS, polyolefin, etc.) coloring, in HDPE (1 / 3SD) heat stability 300 ℃ / 5min

Storage: Storage should be cool and ventilated, away from heat, fire, to prevent sun exposure, heat is strictly prohibited.
Package:?25kg PP bag for solid powder. 200L or 250KG Drum for Liquid.

Pigment Red 254 ‘s ?Specifications:

Appearance Red powder
Strength 100±5%
Moisture ≤1.0%
Water soluble ≤1.0%
Heat resistance ≥300℃
Light resistance ?≥8

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