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Chemical name: O -4-bromo-2-chlorophenyl O -ethyl S -propyl phosphorothioate

Other name: Profenophos


Category: Insecticide


MW: 373.63



Profenofos Introduction:

Probromophos is suitable for the control of cotton bollworm, cotton aphid, red bollworm, Chilo suppressalis, rice leaf roller, bradysia odoriphaga and so on.

Profenofos Label:

1. It is strictly forbidden to mix with alkaline pesticides.
2. The synergistic effect of profenofos and cypermethrin is obvious. Commodity Duochengqing is an effective drug to control resistant cotton bollworm.
3. The poisoned patients were sent to hospital for treatment with atropine or phosphatidine.
4. Safety interval: 14 days, the safety interval of propyl bromide on cotton is 5-12 days, the maximum number of times used in each season: 3 times.
5. Probromophos should not be used in orchards. High temperature can cause pesticide damage to peach trees and leaves.
6. It is harmful to alfalfa and sorghum.

Profenofos FAO specifications:

Appearance Light Yellow Liquid
Content 94%
2-Chloro-4-bromophenol 1.0%
Water 0.2%

Profenofos MSDS:

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