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Salicylic acid

Salicylic acid


Category: Intermediates,Fine chemicals,Pharmaceuticals



MW: 138.12

Chinese name: 水楊酸


Salicylic acid Introduction:

Salicylic acid is an important organic synthetic material, which is widely used in pharmaceutical, pesticide, rubber, dyestuff, food and spice industries. In the pharmaceutical industry, salicylic acid is mainly used in the production of sodium salicylate, Holly oil (methyl salicylate), aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid), salicylamide, phenyl salicylate and so on. In dyestuff industry, it is used to produce mordant dyes such as pure yellow, direct yellow 3GN, direct yellow GR, direct brown 3GN, acid mordant brown G, acid mordant yellow GG and acid complexing yellow. In pesticide production, salicylic acid is used to synthesize the intermediates of organophosphorus insecticide salicylthion, methyl isosalicylphos, and 4-hydroxycoumarin, the intermediates of rodenticide, rodenticide and rodenticide. It is used as anti scorching agent and UV absorber and foaming agent in rubber industry. Flavor raw materials, preparation of methyl salicylate, ethyl salicylate, etc. Food preservatives, mostly with its sodium salt, are now banned in some countries; methyl salicylate can be used as oral cleaner, such as toothpaste perfume.


Salicylic acid Specifications:

?Appearance ?light pink or light brown crystalline powder
?Content ?99.0%
Melting point ?156℃
?Phenol ?NLT 0.2%
?Ash ?NLT 0.3%


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