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Sodium alginate


CAS: 9005-38-3

Molecular Weight:

Molecular Formula:?C5H7O4COONa

Use:?Sodium alginate is soluble in hot and cold water forming a viscous

colloidal solution.It is a kind of hydration ability very strong

hydrophilic gels. Low calorific value, non-toxic, easy expansion,

high flexibility and good thickening, stability, gel, foam stability

and anti aging products, promote the condensation effect. Add in all

kinds of noodles, can obviously increase the sticky food, prevent

brittleness, make the product thews is strong, good toughness,

delicate taste, have a bite, dosage is 0.2% ~ 0.2%; In ice cream

can keep the product shape, exquisite, dosage is 0.1% ~ 0.1%; Make

the inflation rate increase in breads, cakes, products, soft, elastic,

dosage is 0.1% ~ 0.1%; In the dairy and beverage, can improve the taste

of products, improve the yogurt curds.

Content: 98%~99%

Package:25 kg per pp bag

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