Strict control of the use of pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides

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Strict control of the use of pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides

On the afternoon of March 13, Liu Xiaozhuang, member of the CPPCC National Committee and vice chairman of Jiangxi Provincial People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), said that the safety of food is closely related to everyone’s health, and its importance is self-evident.

“Some people will be a poem after the two ridicule: Who knows disc Chinese food, whether it contains poison .Although some biased, but the word rough is not rough, that people are on the current table food a lot of anxiety and panic.” Liu Xiaozhuang Say.

In recent years, a lot of reports on food poisoning, in addition to poisonous mushrooms and other food poisoning factors, food on the table to summarize the reasons for the main three aspects: First, the source of pollution, such as water and soil non-point source pollution, pesticide abuse ; Second is the middle of laissez-faire, such as artificial ripening, improper storage, illegal use of additives; third is out of control, such as pre-market food testing technology weakness and omission, regulatory power shortage.

Liu Xiaozhuang that, no matter what the reason, most of the pollution on the table or can be governance, but also must be governed, the key is the government to make up their minds, moving the real grid, playing a table food battles.

Liu Xiaozhuang said that for the people of the table to provide more health of all kinds of food, the Government should be a good “gatekeeper.”

Liu Xiaozhuang proposed to carry out a more comprehensive survey of agricultural soil and water pollution, heavy metal chemicals seriously polluted arable land, according to local conditions, do a good job of returning farmland to forest and grass, or with the soil and species, or let the water and soil recuperate, self-purification attenuated , While the appropriate use of advanced technology for pollution of soil and water pollution control, so that gradually reduce the degree of pollution weakened, through the “disease period” to restore the original ecology.

Strictly control the use of pesticide fertilizers and herbicides, the implementation of the “zero growth” to “negative growth” action plan.

In addition, Liu Xiaozhuang also suggested that the integration of regulatory authorities to increase the intensity of sampling and monitoring, the implementation of the main edible commodity batch number retrospective system and production record account system, strict management: farmers market and food supermarkets, firmly blocked non-standard agricultural and sideline products into Market circulation channels, those who violate the law to be severely punished.

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