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Common name: Trifluralin
Chinese name: 氟樂靈


Trifluralin is selective?pre-emergence,dinitroaniline herbicide. It can be mixed with most pesticides. Low toxicity to higher animals.
It can stimulate the eyes and skin of rabbits. It has no effect on unearthed weeds. Mix the soil immediately after applying the medicine. In warm, moist soil, if used according to the recommended dosage, the effect will last 8 to 12 weeks.?It is volatile, easily photolytic and water-soluble. It is not easy to move in the soil layer. It is a selective soil conditioner before bud, which is absorbed mainly by the coleoptile and Hypocotyl of weeds. It has no effect on unearthed weeds. The broadleaf weeds of Gramineae and some small seeds are effective and have a long duration.


Suitable crops:
Suitable for soybean, cotton, wheat, upland rice, sugar cane, beet, sunflower, tomato, cabbage, bean, carrot, celery, parsley and more than 40 kinds of crops and orchards, forestry nurseries, flowers, lawns, plantations, etc. To prevent and control barnyard grass, wild oats, Kentucky grass, tangerine, cattle tendon grass, alkali grass, Qianjin Zi, Poa pratensis, Mainiang, Chenopodia, Amaranthus, hamamelis, Pork hair vegetable, Baogai grass, Portulaca oleracea and some of the annual grass weeds and broadleaf weeds.Trifluralin can not be used on corn, and corn will suffer from growth and slow down.



?Appearance ?Orange crystalline
?Content ?95.0%


Package: 250kg per drum


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